CCTV SOLUTION : Corporate Offices

Business case
  • CCTV solution for corporate offices and business with different locations needed to be interconnected and monitored at a single place
  • Cost effective solution for a CCTV for small business with a single branch to avoid employee theft
  • Centrally managed Biometric attendance system where an employee may exit/enter at different locations and biometric management system takes care of calculating in-out time correctly
  • Motion detection System where recording happens only if there is a disturbance or motion.
  • CCTV security cameras at different locations, connected through network and monitored centrally.
  • CCTV mobile based application that could monitor multiple recorders in a single instance, hence enabling user to view multiple branches at a single location.
  • DVR event based recording – Recording would happen whenever an event occurred. Video display will pop-up on the monitor at the security control center as well as begin recording.
  • Biometric attendance system at different locations connected centrally. The entries were synced up with the central server everyday from different locations automatically and updated back at each location.
  • Access control system for restricted entry and exit with in and out time recording.
  • Fully automated CCTV system that has features like live zoom, ability to playback and retain a given number of days worth of video clips
  • All features of CCTV cameras, including PTZ can be controlled from the control center and from other remote locations.
  • All pre-authorized staff can have real-time remote internet access to CCTV system.
  • Attendance was centrally managed so the staff can enter/exit in any location.
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