CCTV SOLUTION : Medical Centers

Business case
  • CCTV for hospitals and medical centers ensure that no unauthorized person enters the compound
  • Surveillance on the openly accessible and unlocked rooms where stealing clinic’s and/or patient’s property can be done easily.
  • Nobody enters the baby ward unnoticed
  • Resolve the aftermath of failed surgeries or complicated births for any mistakes made during the procedure.
  • Digital recording systems were required in another, highly sensitive field of medicine: Endoscopy
  • Video surveillance to enable staff to monitor patients 24/7 – in an emergency for physicians to start the treatment immediately and determines a patient’s chances to survive
  • Surveillance system that will be monitored by a gate keeper via the monitoring software where viewing Client  is very clear and easy to operate, 
  • Detailed images from high-quality surveillance cameras in hallways, at emergency exits, near elevators or in the Billing office
  • Monitoring system to be connected to an access control system so that no unauthorized persons gain access to the premises.
  • Digital recording systems are frequently being used during surgeries in order to be able to review the whole procedure at a later date
  • Negates the requirement to employ additional security personnel
  • Comprehensive surveillance mechanisms (e.g. dynamic fan control, monitoring of exterior and interior temperature, diagnosis of assembly groups, voltage control, etc.) ensure highest operational reliability and durability of the recorders
  • Medical staff are free to do what they do best – to take care exclusively of their patients.
  • Simple monitoring from the nurses’ room
  • Highly Reliable system and a more satisfied customer.
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