Automatic and manual barriers are used for enhanced security of a premises or a property where vehicle access control is crucial. Now a days boom barriers are used for small to multi-storey car parks, private and company premises, industrial and hospital premises, hotels, motorways, tunnels, toll stations and other application areas, where it is convenient to use barriers as stand-alone measures or in combination with other access control systems

Features of a boom barrier System

Power required by a motor,  Boom length, Available boom types, Size of the boom, Operating time, Capacity [cars per hour], Closing feature details, Control unit, Dimensions, Weight, Duty rating, Operating temperature

Different Types of Boom Barriers :

Most of the boom barriers are electromagnetic because of high reliability and ability to work for long hours without generating much heat. Most commonly used booms barriers include :

                    Push Button

                    Remote Control

                    RFID tags/ RFID Reader

                    Loop Detectors

                   Any third party access control device

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