Business case
  1. CCTV for hotels includes Monitoring of publicly accessible areas such as lobbies, lounges or pathways to prevent any unauthorised access.
  2. Making guests feel more comfortable by securing their cars under video surveillance on a parking level or in an underground garage
  3. Installing external cameras prevent damages caused by vandalism since many potential perpetrators are already discouraged by the presence of a video surveillance system.
  4. Cameras should be be installed discreetly in order not to disturb the atmosphere of their premises.
  5. The guests should not feel like they are being constantly watched
  1. A connected CCTV/IP surveillance system for larger hotel complexes with meeting and conference facilities.
  2. Cameras mounted on ceilings in between concealed lightings. Through their innovative technology the cameras provide clear, high-contrast and true-colour images even under difficult lighting conditions
  3. Event controlled recording
  4. Digital recording systems are frequently being used in order to be able to review the whole procedure at a later date
  1. Significantly enhance the cooperation and coordination between the different facilities.
  2. Insurance premium and the number of compensation claims has also fallen dramatically from around 12 to 15 per year to just one or two
  3. Hotels are ideally equipped for the future as the systems are modular in design. The high flexibility of this approach allows for easy and straightforward expansions.
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