There are many different applications for a CCTV surveillance system in retail area. CCTV surveillance is used to prevent theft in shops and stores, to provide evidence of robberies and break-ins and to uncover employee fraud or deception.

Business case
  • A highly visible installation using high resolution colour cameras with activity-related digital recording which will deter most potential culprits before they try anything Outside business hours the shop can continue to be monitored Prevent Employee theft
  • Help in stock checking and monitoring the area
  • The system that will be monitored by a gate keeper via the monitoring software which is very clear and easy to operate . IP cameras are particularly helpful in keeping an eye on secluded areas.
  • If a theft, robbery, break-in or act of vandalism is committed then the CCTV surveillance system provides a detailed image of the suspect(s).
  • Event controlled recording and the wide range of recording modes ensure that the hard disk capacity is used efficiently
  • The data can be exported easily
  • Networkable devices which combine the functions of a digital video recorder with those of a digital video transmission system.
  • CCTV for retail is useful for marketing – You can observe customers, measure footfall, conduct behavioural studies or structural analysis, which helps with improving staff planning or shop layouts.
  • Checking the accuracy of deliveries or, if a customer has an accident, resolving liability claims rapidly
  • By bringing together the different functions in a homogenous, fully digital system the operating procedures are simplified and the reaction times reduced hence improving security and service for the visitor
  • One of the shop manager commented, “The system has been highly beneficial and I see an advantage right on Day 1. We were able to prevent a shoplifting case. The pictures are sharp and being able to see my shop while at home on my Mobile is a wonderful feeling ! “.CC
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