Business case
  1. large factories require real-time remote monitoring with the help of CCTV
  2. Ability to monitor multiple factories in different cities at a single location
  3. Ability to be able to monitor factories at remote places where broadband connection is not available.
  1. Installed a security control center monitor that simultaneously displayed real-time video from all cameras. The control center recorded all digital video from all cameras, as well as event specific video..
  2. Event based recording – Recording would happen whenever an event occurred. This a video display will pop-up on the monitor at the security control center as well as begin recording.
  3. Installed Biometric system along with CCTV system for entry and exit to the factories to be recorded
  4. Installed various alarms including motion detectors, smoke detectors and temperature monitors,
  5. Certain alarms, such as infrared, were connected directly to a Network Camera. The network video was configured to send a notification or record video, when an event occurs.
  1. Fully automated system that could control the frame rate, and have the ability to playback and retain a given number of days worth of video clips.
  2. All features of all cameras, including PTZ can be controlled from the control center and from other remote locations.
  3. All pre-authorized staff can have real-time remote internet access to CCTV system.
  4. 24×7 Managed Control Room Operations for round the clock pro-active monitoring and management.
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