CCTV SOLUTION : Educational Institutions

Business case
  1. Monitor the common areas for any unsocial activity by the students or teachers
  2. With a multitude of people passing through the Campus each day, a cost effective monitoring system was required.
  3. Monitor classrooms and pathways for students who bully, act as spoilt fish among all
  4. Monitor areas like kitchens, cafeteria for Hygiene, staff behavior, etc
  1. Developed and installed an integrated CCTV solution that monitored classroom activity with real time video and audio recording.
  2. Two IP-based systems were specified, one for classroom monitoring and a general security system for all other internal and external areas of the school. Both systems used the school’s own IT network, which enabled significant installation time and cost savings to be made.
  3. Classroom had video and audio surveillance that captured any incidents within the room for subsequent review
  1. pupil attainment levels have increased and incidents of poor behavior have dropped dramatically
  2. The CCTV system has made such a positive contribution to security, safety and education within the school in its first few months of operation, that the headteacher ordered its expansion to cover the school’s adjacent sixth form buildings
  3. Helping to secure the building and ensure the safety of pupils and staff within a comfortable learning environment
  4. All pre-authorized staff can have real-time remote internet access to CCTV system.
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