While the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting almost everything in the world and Artificial Intelligence greatly touching our lives, security cameras are no exception! Hikvision’s, Dedicated DeepinView Cameras are a perfect example of these AI advances, incorporating several AI-powered deep learning algorithms in a single unit.

The DeepinView Series is powered with Deep Learning technology that trains a computer to perform human-like tasks, such as recognizing speech, classifying images, detecting objects, and even describing content. What the DeepinView cameras can offer is not just video and image data, it’s the insight you need to build a smarter and safer world. Its capabilities include :

  • Ability to capture more faces in a single frame from much wider angles.
  • Detect and distinguish human beings like staff, VIP, stranger.
  • Distinguish vehicles from other objects with higher accuracy.
  • Recognize vehicle number plates at 98%+ accuracy.
  • Analyze flows by detecting the queue time and status for resource optimization during peak times.
  • Ability to withstand most corrosive environments that contain salt, humidity, and chemical contamination.
Features of DeepinView Cameras
Perimeter Protection

Deepin View cameras can detect people, vehicles, or other objects which cross a pre-definded virtual line and raise an alarm. It can also perform certain functions when the alarm is triggered.

Facial Recognition

These cameras are able to perform face capture as well as face recognition. It can detect upto 30 faces at the same time. It also supports detectable face position of upto -60° to 60° from left and right tilt, and -30° to 30° from up and down tilt.d

Face Counting

The people counting cameras like DeepinView, calculate the number of people entered, left or passed by a certain configured area. It provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports for analysis. Calculating the numbers of people who enter your premises throughout the day not only helps improve operations in a number of ways but also create strategies to maximize revenues.

Hard Hat Detection

Wearing a hard hat is very important on construction sites. Hikvision’s video-based Hard Hat Detection solution is equipped to intelligently detect if workers are or are not wearing safety headgear. The high definition cameras constantly scan your site, rapidly sounding an alert if someone is identified as breaching defined rules. Cameras can also be linked with access control systems, to ensure that members of staff are wearing hard hats from the moment they enter a hazardous location.

Queue Management

Hikvision’s cutting-edge flow analysis through DeepinView series is designed to provide data to show the way people move through a space. It can even distinguish between different people of different heights givinge an accurate count of people coming in and out, how long people stay in a certain place – in a queue.

This can help users to improve their service strategy specially for the retail industry. For example reduce the waiting time, set alert when a queue length gets high, optimise the store layout.

Smooth Streaming

It is a technology that automatically adjusts the bit rate and resolution under low-data-rate network conditions to ensure fluid viewing of live video. Its self-correcting data processing mechanism solves latency and mosaic problems caused by packet loss or error codes.

Hikvision DeepInView camera along with customer attribute analysis combines the use of AI & customer attributes which will help the business to stay focused and safe. For more details, schedule a consultation call with us.

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